While this material is being provided to my family and the public to learn about their own family ancestry, much of it represents my own research and unique findings. While I use previously produced genealogical and historic materials in my research, I also have built upon these foundations to create new insights, connections and genealogical findings and foundation. This work is available to those who visit this site for personal use only. I share it so people can learn more about where they came from.

A good example of my unique genealogical findings are the Elphinstone posts (see here and here) connecting the Brown descendants in Maryland/Virginia to a specific family line of the Elphinstones in Midlothian Scotland. This was all original work. Yes, the Elphinstone family line – being part of Scotland’s historic peerage – is well documented and I reference that material accordingly. Same with the Brown descendants. But the bridge between the two genealogical resources is my research.

If someone wants to use the research to generate income (including but not limited to material for books, newspaper articles, movies, plays, screenplays or even to generate advertising on a webpage) they need to contact me for permission. I am more than willing to work out equitable arrangements in terms of commercial use of the findings presented here.

Resources I rely on for every post include, Family Research and Fold3. Others (like the Scotland National Archives) are referenced in the specific posts as needed.

Please enjoy the material and I hope it helps you connect with your past.